5 Interesting Style Icons

As a budding stylist myself, I’m constantly inspired the people I find by my spontaneous browsing on the web/instagram/facebook/twitter. These are the people I’ve come across that I’m in awe of their style and personalities.

1. Alisa Ueno

Japanese designer, model, director of Fig and Viper blog.

I love the fierce look in her eyes you see in her photos, and the colours she dowses her in (candy pink,purple, aqua and so on). She is like a living superhero for style.

alisauneo 2 alisauneo hair alisauneo nails alisaueno 1

2. Susie Lau (Susie Bubble)

This lady, is probably the reason I got into fashion and blogging and all things style in the first place, she is really the creation of my love for all things colourful, textured and interestingly upbeat! She is now a massive style icon around the world, British, very clever and basically one of the founders of fashion blogging (her blog – Style Bubble).

susie bubble 3 susie 2 susie 1

3.  Grace Coddington

I recently watched “The September Issue” – a documentary behind the scenes of Vogue Magazine and was blown away by the charisma and realness of Grace and how she has a true love for creating beautiful imagery in fashion, styling photoshoots. She was also a stunning model in her time, and is probably holds the record for most years at Vogue with over 20 years of service. I loved her untamed red hair, her stubborn attitude and her work.

If you have a minute, watch the documentary, it’s fantastic!

Grace_Coddington2 grace-coddington-young-model-hair grace coddington 1

4. Karl Lagerfield.

Well, I shouldn’t really need to introduce such a universally known name – the German fashion designer who has been the creative director/designer of Chanel and Fendi for many years, besides the millions of other fashion projects he busies himself with. I love that fact that he is basically ageing with style and grace. Not one to throw on the plaid pants and gramps hat. The way he holds himself with confidence and prestige ever so slightly leaning towards anti-establishmentarianisms with his dark glasses, leather ‘hobo’ gloves donned beside the resemblance of a black and white tuxedo/suit/blazer. He is one to throw the fox in with the chickens and being a little left of field, with his fashion shows and concepts (hiring strippers and porn stars to model his Fendi collection in 1993) .Yes, he is one of my style icons. I’m never giving into the knitting needles and slippers.

Karl Lagerfeld is seen out and about wearing a black blazer in New York 2683-500w karl-lagerfeld 2 Karl-Lagerfeld 1

5. Eva Fontanelli

Eva, I actually found through browsing “The Satorialist” (Scott Schuman, the original street style photographer) book that I was given for Christmas. Out of the hundreds of faces I saw photographed, her smile really caught my eye, and of course what she was wearing. It was quirky, playful and mixed up with classic looks. I loved the fact that her smile seemed to come from the inside, like she was truly happy with herself and identity. The positivity felt infectious, even though I’ve never met her, and it was only a photograph. You should check out Scott Schuman’s work (most of these pictures are his) on his webpage.

022113atfendi99301 91813Eva8612web Eva-7_10-9a eva fontanelli 1

Thats it! Wow, that was a challenge. I am truly inspired by these people however, and hope you were too!

Tejal Patni – an inspirational Photographer

There are many budding photographers that it seems are really blossoming from their viral exposure on the web. This is another of those who has recently created a editorial style calendar interpreting the upcoming trends for 2014. The over the top colour and vivid miss-match of texture creates photos that are jam packed with detailed patterns and shapes. The depth of detail that Tejal Patni has given is outstanding and very fresh to open all of our eyes as to how photography can communicate fashion.

Tejal Patni

tejal 6 tejal 5 tejal 4 tejal 3 tejal 2


He has amazing style and is very inspirational.

Style Stereotypes

So I was walking along the street with my boyfriend and this man yells out from a passing car ‘what are you wearing!”. Firstly, A. Who yells from the car about ones clothes?, I certainly have better things to do with my time than shout at a lady wearing a pink top… and B. My boyfriend wasn’t really wearing anything that outrageous (well it wasn’t like a fancy dress costume or anything, it was a long sleeve mustard coloured shirt, black fedora hat, black jeans and boots) this led me to think, we are really defined by what we wear. 

Someone can be entirely transformed into a new ‘stereotype’ or ‘genre’ as it may be by the colours and shapes they wear. This is why, you should always value what you are wearing in public, even if it’s just to nip to the grocery store. You are telling a story with what you are wearing, you are telling strangers if you care about your appearance and therefore your self worth. With mentioning this, may I add it really doesn’t cost much too look good. You could be wearing a $40 pair of jeans with a nice white blouse for $10 and still look more presentable than hanging out in your track pants and singlet. Wearing something stylish makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin so that you can basically face anything life throws at you. If you’re not sure what your ‘style is’, contact someone like me (a personal stylist), we can help you become and look your full potential so when you walk through the front door to that great unknown outside world, you can say “Yes! this is me, I’m happy with who I am, and I look great!”. When you have that mentality, it’s amazing what you can achieve!