What is Fashion?

What is fashion?

Can one item of clothing tie all ages, cultures and races together.

I want to do a fashion show where everyone is black,old,fat,asian whatever, different types because ultimately these are the ones who are buying the clothing, it’s not one type of race that buys clothes, everyone buys clothes. We need clothes to protect our skin and no matter how ‘high end’ or ‘low end’ it is, it’s going to be a colour, a shape, a fabric, pants, jacket, shirt, whatever! Who really defines what is fashion? Ourselves? The Media? Anything could be fashionable if it was glamourised, a 70 year old man wearing  stilettos and a potato sack could be fashion.

In today’s world, we are certainly not one type, we are not one shape or one age (quite frankly do you really want everyone to be the same?) it’s the beauty of difference that makes our world interesting. Why can’t the media reflect this. Rather than stereotypes, just acceptance of reality.

If you want to expand your mind on this, take a look at some of the inspirational stuff Rick Owens has done with his last Fashion Show,

Or have a read of Vestoj Magazine



Trends this Spring

Spring and Summer are the time where we all live to get a bit brighter, fresher and put that bounce back into our step as we courageously slip into our swimsuits and embrace the sun. Pastels and bright colours are always a trend that returns at this time of the year, and I’ve put a little something together from my wardrobe to show how you can be clever with colour and not overspend. I know everyone has chosen to embrace the ‘monochromatic’ look this season, but I think it’s never wrong to make a colour statement.

flat stack pink “Peach Surprise”

Orange Scarf – light and good for most seasons , $20, tree of life (or similar)

Orange belt – $19.95, Sportsgirl

Pink Retro Dress – $5, Lifeline

Pastel Pink Velvet corded jacket with satin pockets – $40, Vintage Dress Shop (Paddington Antique Centre)

What is style?

Is it something that we follow? Something that defines us? Something we admire? Or is it simply just natural, something that we are ourselves without knowing it, until someone else in our society points it out. 

This blog will celebrate style, all true forms of it, identities through fashion, art and personal style. 

It’s amazing how one can be entirely transformed with a change or reinvention of style.