Conceptual Artist Sebastien Errazuriz

This fellow has caught my attention for his very clever ex-girlfriend shoe concept of creating 12 shoes symbolising certain aspects and personalities of his past lovers. I love the sharp, cutting shapes he has created with 3D imagery.

All of the shoes were digitally modelled then 3D-printed from PET plastic using a Makerbot Replicator 2. Unfortunately I missed the pop-up show that was displayed in Miami in conjunction with Melissa.

Oh.. and not sure whether you’ve heard about it, but the “Duck Lamp” blew me away in a curiously quirky, sadistic, realistic gone robo-duck way.

You can see more of his work on his website –

duck lamp






“Jet Setter”

jet setter


“G.I Jane”

g.i. jane


“Heart Breaker”

heart breaker


heart breaker back



the virgin


“Cry Baby”

cry baby


“The Rock”

the rock


“The Boss”

the boss


the boss 2


“Gold Digger”

gold digger


gold digger2




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