5 Awesome Bags

1. Handpainted Japanese made clutches, sourced from The Cool Hunter site. Really amazing colours. You can get them with a detachable leather strap as well.

JAP-WAL 2_450w_450h wallet1_450w_450h ww3_450w_450h JAP-WAL-OPT-003_450w_450h_sb bags5_450w_450h

2. 2-Dimensional Bags. Made by Jumpfrompaper. They basically look like you just jumped out of a Japanese animation. Very fun!

381654754e71443183928502dca9224b_400x400 f0c576d26c9e49e296dc503efe3f28f8_400x400 111396b19be94a6b9ef87ff5dea9331d_400x400 bef90a952fa14380a646b32e5825a894_400x400 4e004c0f11714af79fb40437e33303c5_260x260

3.  The infamous Chanel ‘Lego Bag’. It seems I’m starting to have a playful theme these bags! The lego bag takes you down memory lane when you were 5 years old and building really tall towers made out of lego, just to see how high you could make it until it all toppled over.

Chanel Black Gold 'Lego' Bag found on Polyvore Chanel Black & ... | B…


Celebrities-carrying-Chanel-at-the-Chanel-Fall-2013-show-in-Paris-4 Chanel-Lego-Clutch
4.  ‘Mame’ PVC Plastic sculpted and hang stitched bags. Designed by Maiko Kurogouchi (big in Toyko fashion world)
mame bag 5 mame bag 4 mame bag 3 mame bag2 mame bag
5. Wooden Clutches. I imagine, if you were after a hardy party bag that could be dropped numerous times on the ground and not break, this would be your bag. Designed by Tesler and Mandelovitch. It is soft to touch and water resilient (so if you spill a drink whilst partying or are just plain clumsy like me no fear!).
woodclutchmain4 woodclutchmain woodclutchmainmain

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