Wardrobe Essentials

Many stylists and fashionable types go via the mantra of “if you only purchase clothing that looks great and makes you happy, you can never fail with an outfit”. Lets face it, no matter what you’re wearing, if it’s something that makes you amazingly happy as it feels good to wear, you’ll feel confident.

So, with that in mind; having these simple items in your wardrobe to go with those ‘wow factor’ wardrobe pieces will always make throwing things together a simple task.

1. A belt

Will help define your waistline and create a shape when worn over a dress, or t-shirt. Will also complete an outfit when it comes to jeans/pants depending on the colour you choose. Ideally, a neutral coloured belt will be a shape defining item to go over coloured garments and a bright belt (primary coloured) will add a splash of colour to plain work/smart casual outfits. You can also use a patterned scarf as a belt.


2. Decent pair of boots

Don’t cheap out on the boots. Having a well made (not in China), great fitted pair of boots will look after your feet and your outfit. They will last years, be timeless and help your posture (if you choose something with a heel it adds height and encourages you to push your shoulders back for balance). Choose a neutral colour (such as black or brown), something that will go with your existing colours (e.g if you prefer to wear earthy toned or denim items, brown will suit and if you prefer black and bold, then black will work). Materials such as leather will also last many years over suede that will stain and weather badly.


3. Decent pair of flats

Once again, the more you pay, the better quality it will be, and therefore the more comfortable. Leather will mold to your foot and soften, synthetic will tarnish and rub. If you can buy hand made, the stitching will be stronger and repairable over something that is quickly factory made. It may seem pricey, but if you spend wisely, it will be a great investment. Colouring goes the same way as the boots, something neutral will compliment, something bold will highlight and draw attention (not always a bad thing, such as red ballet flats – timeless with a pop of colour to brighten up your outfit!). Get something that you love the look of, but will not grow tired of.


4. Black, White and Grey t-shirts

Used for layering, adding, drawing the focus to other areas if need be. Can be worn under jackets, dresses, over dresses, skirts, complimenting your casual look with multiple colours and so on. If you have a great ‘pop’ item such as some high waisted pants, or pleat skirt they can be thrown together nicely with a blank-canvas t-shirt. Wether you prefer tight or loose fitting is up to you and your personal style. I like tight fitting shirts, as they define my tiny waist and draw the focus to my good bits, rather than my thighs!

5. A great jacket

Everytime you see one of those ‘street style’ pics, ‘hot trends’ or ‘ways to wear’, I gaurantee 80% of the time, they will be completing the look with an awesomely versatile jacket. Blazers are a good starting point, as they can be dressed up or down and layered. Leather jackets are good for the rocker/edgy look, and double brested are good for the uniformed/defined look. Check which will be best with your shape. Whatever part is your best, this is what we accentuate. The eyeline will be drawn to wherever the jacket stops, so if you don’t like your thighs (like me) don’t get a jacket that stops there. Wrap style jackets will suit most body shapes, as will longer blazers.


6. Great pair of Jeans

Knowing what jeans suit your shape is a must. I’ll do another post on that soon, but in the meantime, check online or ask your local shop assistant. There is heaps of stuff around about this, but basic rules: accentuate the good, hide the bad. If you are curvy, don’t go for a super skinny jean, go for something with a flare or high-waisted to balance your shape. Those with no curves, show off your skinny legs with tight jeans! High waisted jeans make everyone look good, and also don’t show off your coin slot when you bend over! (no one wants to see it).


and voila! Easy to piece together wardrobe!Yay


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