Don’t be afraid to buy yourself something of high quality. If it looks good, is high quality, a reputable brand and made by a reputable manufacturer (e.g made in Europe instead of China), it’s worth spending the money. Let’s face it, how many times a week do we spend money on food, bills, little bits and pieces that will all eventually add up to forking out one big amount on an item that is timeless that you will keep for years on end. This is something that will hold the memory of when you first purchased them, how good you felt when you first tried it on and how amazing it looked! It is a real materialised trophy of how you deserve to hold something you purchased with your hard earned dollars.

Tips when buying these items;

1. Don’t buy something that is a current fad, buy something that is timeless

2. Get a colour that will match with most outfits (you will grow weary of hot fluro pink)

3. Check the label. Check where it is made, research the label and ask the shop assistant their experience. They are trained professionals who are there to help.

4. Things that deserve the extra dollars (I think) are shoes. If you have an awesomely comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes (e.g, the ever popular ballet flat, or the ankle boot), they will worn more often and earn their keep. Something that is made with more support is usually heavier (feel the quality of the fabric,the weight,the soul of the shoe should be thicker than cheap shoes). Shoes are there to support your posture as well as complete your outfit, so shop wisely my friends. Your body will thank you.  * Try them on in store first!!! Biggest mistake I make is buying the wrong size online!*

5. Ask yourself whether it’s an injection (hot this season piece) or classic (timeless, longlasting trend piece). If you already have a few basic wardrobe staples (such as the blazer, jeans, that little black dress), maybe it’s time to invest in something fresh and colourful, or something that adds a bit of zing to your look.

You are worth the money, spend it wisely, rather than frequently.




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