Style Stereotypes

So I was walking along the street with my boyfriend and this man yells out from a passing car ‘what are you wearing!”. Firstly, A. Who yells from the car about ones clothes?, I certainly have better things to do with my time than shout at a lady wearing a pink top… and B. My boyfriend wasn’t really wearing anything that outrageous (well it wasn’t like a fancy dress costume or anything, it was a long sleeve mustard coloured shirt, black fedora hat, black jeans and boots) this led me to think, we are really defined by what we wear. 

Someone can be entirely transformed into a new ‘stereotype’ or ‘genre’ as it may be by the colours and shapes they wear. This is why, you should always value what you are wearing in public, even if it’s just to nip to the grocery store. You are telling a story with what you are wearing, you are telling strangers if you care about your appearance and therefore your self worth. With mentioning this, may I add it really doesn’t cost much too look good. You could be wearing a $40 pair of jeans with a nice white blouse for $10 and still look more presentable than hanging out in your track pants and singlet. Wearing something stylish makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin so that you can basically face anything life throws at you. If you’re not sure what your ‘style is’, contact someone like me (a personal stylist), we can help you become and look your full potential so when you walk through the front door to that great unknown outside world, you can say “Yes! this is me, I’m happy with who I am, and I look great!”. When you have that mentality, it’s amazing what you can achieve!



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