Trends this Spring

Spring and Summer are the time where we all live to get a bit brighter, fresher and put that bounce back into our step as we courageously slip into our swimsuits and embrace the sun. Pastels and bright colours are always a trend that returns at this time of the year, and I’ve put a little something together from my wardrobe to show how you can be clever with colour and not overspend. I know everyone has chosen to embrace the ‘monochromatic’ look this season, but I think it’s never wrong to make a colour statement.

flat stack pink “Peach Surprise”

Orange Scarf – light and good for most seasons , $20, tree of life (or similar)

Orange belt – $19.95, Sportsgirl

Pink Retro Dress – $5, Lifeline

Pastel Pink Velvet corded jacket with satin pockets – $40, Vintage Dress Shop (Paddington Antique Centre)


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